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  • 白痴四年级英语作文
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    Rose wanted a job when she was seventeen. It was not difficult to find a job then in the country. One day Rose was looking for a job. She went to many offices but she didnt like any of them. When she went into one of the offices, she saw a board: This office needs a typist. Rose was excited. She went to the managers office. The manager was writing something . Rose knocked at the door. The manager raised his head: Do you need a typist? asked Rose. Yes! the manager said. Rose jumped up and clapped her hands. She couldnt help saying: ok! I will take this job. How much will you pay me? the manager thought for a few seconds and said: I will pay you twenty-seven dollars in the first three months. Then I will pay you thirty dollars. Rose smiled and answered: Great, I will come and work here three months later . The manager frowned and he was speechless.

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